eXtreme Styles mod 2.x

By | April 2, 2006

MOD: eXtreme Styles mod 2.x
Mod name: eXtreme Styles mod
Mod version: 2.3.1
Author: CyberAlien
phpBB version: 2.0.2 - 2.0.19
Information all quoted from the linked website.
Download: click here

Description: Fast replacement of phpBB template system. Also allowes to use php in templates.

MOD Features:
– Fast templates compilation algorythm
– Fast templates execution (even if not cached)
– Cache system that doesn’t use database
– Auto-check errors in templates while compiling
– Almost all features of this mod can be configured in acp
– PHP code in templates. PHP code should start with
< ?php or and end with ?> or
Short tags are not allowed. See manual for examples of code.
– Unlimited switches in one line.
– Include other tpl files with
– You can configure separate .tpl files for usual template.php
and eXtreme Styles template.php. It can be configured in xs.cfg
– Variable {LANG} that corresponds to current language. Can be
used to create truly multi-lingual templates (you can use this
in urls: “images/lang_{LANG}/icon_blah.gif”).
– Variable {PHP} that corresponds to file extension with session
data. Can be used to avoid modding when you need to add some
url (like “somescript.{PHP}” or “script.{PHP}test=1”)
Variable contains “?” or “&” at the end so you could easily
add arguments to url.
– Variable {TEMPLATE} that corresponds to current template
directory (like “templates/subSilver/”). Can be used to avoid
filenames case confusion and to fix phpBB path error when
confirm_body.tpl and message_body.tpl are used in acp.
– In admin control panel you can switch all users from one style
to another and easily change default style.

New Features in version 2.0
– Faster template compilation
– Mod has its own interface independant from current style
– Mod completely replaces phpBB styles management
– Cache management
– Import/Export styles
– Clone templates and styles
– Better install/uninstall for styles
– Templates editor. Can also edit text files and .htaccess

New Features in version 2.1
– Full support for category hierarchy mod 2.1.0
– Styles configuration (applies only to configurable styles)

New Features in version 2.2
– Support for BEGINELSE

Demo: http://demo.phpbbstyles.com
Only styles management can be seen on demo because other features are not visible. Click on “go to admin control panel demo” on bottom. On demo forum most features are disabled and you can browse mod, but can’t edit anything.

Warning: When upgrading to latest version from version 1.0 or older version you MUST delete all files admin/admin_xs_*.php

– Compatible with almost all mods. Additionally it has built-in features for following mods:
– Built-in support for subtemplates mod (in template.php)
– Built-in support for usergroups mod (in template.php, code is optimized)
– Built-in support for admin templates mod (you can set admin-only styles in default style menu)
– Built-in support for category hierarchy mod 2.1.0 (in admin control panel and in template.php)
– Built-in support for all mods that add extra fields to phpbb_themes table.
– Fix for cash mod is included in directory “contrib” (thanks to vze3k59w)

Language packs:
– French (by Draky): [click here]
– Spanish (by ThE KuKa): [click here]
– Turkish (by ALEXIS): [click here]
– Vietnamese (by nedka): [click here]

Documentation, tutorials and support for this mod are available here: