diary… 9/28

another coffee shop, and my five hundred words.  at least I am getting the chance to write something every day no matter how banal it is.  I can make time to do since none of my classes are back to back.  what a nightmare that used to be, but I'm glad it's over.  I wish that I could compress my week into half a week.  it's a neat idea.  If only, then I could have three days a week free to do the things that I need to do.  That would be cool.  Wonder if it's possible.
it would be a killer on the voice though that's for sure.

writing five hundred words a day, that's a challenge, but as long as I can find time to do it, then I will be okay.  it's taking the time to write something coherent that really requires some effort.  This diary is a good starting point for my writing, but I wonder where it will lead in the end.  I know I have to write more stuff in the future, I just have no idea what that should be, whetere it includes a ph. d.  o rnot.  this tea's hot, so hot it nearly burns the roof of my mouth, but the blt sandwich I had was DELICISOUS, really! 

To keep writing that is the challnege for me.  because I don't know what I really want to say.  It's just that time seems to fly by without really geting a grasp of the situation, I think that's why I wnat to write something so that i can know if I used my time well or not.  it's scary how time flies by, but at least wrirting the diary can help me focus my attention on that time, and gettting me in the habit of recording my impressions and apprehensions about life.  I really admire the way a young girll like Anne Frank handled the situation with so much matureity despite her immaturity.  I respect htat in her very much, if I could capture some of the insights she had in her writing, without the trouble and strife that she experienced in her short life, that would be admirable.

I am still turning over the Jalt article in my mind, it seems to be coming together in my mind each day as I think abou tit.  The area I am wondering about now is the theconclusions that I need to draw from the statistics.  I also need to design the actual instrument, I think that I need to keep that instrument as simple as possible for the initial examination,k that will shorten the research period.  Also it would be helpful to follow up with interviews.  but what stage am I at?  I think I can visualize the page of the spreed sheet quite simply as a a vertical list of websites and a horizontal list of information: links, etc.  also I think the discussion section can be divided inot different parts each of which would deal with one aspect of the survey, that would allow a basic structure for the discussion.  I have no real ideas how that would proceed from that point, though, but at least I can structure part of the discussion clearly.  also, some general comments on the role of motivatiion of computers in the Interent, perhaps even CmC might be relevant in some guise.  I should really get the lowdown on the current state of my paper.  Can I turn it in to a really good paper? I wonder.