Drink Water, not Soda: A healthy, inexpensive and flexible alternative

By | April 25, 2009

Trying to cheat weightloss? I’m always happy to share tips with dieters, even though I’m not on a diet at the moment anyway!

If you’re needing an appetite suppressant, have you tried a simple alternative? Drink liquids, esp. water with your meals to help you feel fuller faster. The additional benefits of drinking are obvious: you eat less, you are better hydrated, your food is digested faster, and it tastes pretty good.

There are lots of waters that you can try. But if you’re not particularly keen on drinking water, why not try a bottled water or a flavored water or even a sparkling water with your meal? It’s far healthier, has no calories compared with soda, and costs only a little more for the more expensive varieties.

Once you’re in the habit of drinking water, not soda with your meal, you can make your own soda waters or flavored waters. The extra expense need only be for the while you are adjusting.