Don’t squeeze that last dollar out of a bargain: it’s not really worth it

By | April 25, 2009

Trying to squeeze the last dollar out of products like home insurance, car insurance, health insurance, etc. isn’t always a good idea. It’s true: we do often overpay for things like that because we fail to look around and examine thoroughly what’s on the market.

But there are times when trying to save the last penny on expensive purchases can be quite counterproductive. You need a new car to replace your current banger in the driveway, the banger is clapped out and the engine is on its last ‘legs’.

You see a great car in a dealer, then you are offered a pretty good deal, minimal downpayment, low interest deal, with lots of freebies thrown in to entice you to buy now. You hesitate.

You decide to drive across town next weekend to see the other dealer and find the best deal there. On Wednesday, your banger dies in the driveway, making you late for a meeting. Because you’re hesitating to make the decision to buy the new car, you lose a client contract when you’re late, you have to rent a car for a week or more, and you add a whole lot more stress.

Sometimes when you see a good deal, recognize it and take it. You’ll save a lot of trouble if you do.