Doing a travel site: Outlining Stage

By | December 15, 2009

It seems that I will be running a travel website soon. I finally registered a great local domain ending in .com and am working on the content for a Travel Site based on Taipei City/County. I’m quite excited about that domain as I already have a lot of content that could be adapted, hacked and repurposed for that domain.

In the short term, I will simply direct the domain to a simple page. Until I get the pages worked out. I also need to do two very important steps: the keywords and the monetization to see if the site has viable traffic levels and whether it can make much money.

I was heartened by my discovery of another SBI site on Taiwan. I wasn’t sure that traffic would be sufficient, but the local government recently has been trying to boost tourist levels; and the other site showed that monetization was actually quite possible.

But I won’t be using WordPress for that site at all. Why? Because when I bought my SBI account, I actually bought two sites.  I’ve already started work on the first site (about coffee), though I only wrote two pages.

It’s difficult to know where this whole SBI process will lead, but it’s quite likely that I will start to blog less than now, much less, in fact.