Do you use candles?

By | September 10, 2009

My wife loves candles. Last night, she drew a bath, turned off the lights, and lit some candles. She said that it really helped her to relax. For me, though, I am always a bit suspicious that candles are safe: they are easily knocked over, get very hot and emit smoke when you extinguish them.

But I would consider wall candle sconces as a safer alternative to dishes or bowls: because they simply can’t be knocked over! I would also be inclined to choose sconces that are enclosed to prevent wax dripping or fire accidents. There isn’t much you can do to prevent smoke from candles, but if it’s outside or in a large open hallway, there should be less pollution.

And, they would certainly meet my wife’s approval: with romantic designs, nice effects, and good prices. The only problem: where would we put them in our apartment?