Diets: If you want weight loss, change your life, then change your food…

By | March 1, 2009

There was a recent report I featured on this blog about diets. Perhaps you didn’t see it. Anyway, it suggested that most diets whatever aspect they were trying to control would work as long as the general result was to reduce over calorie (or in some cases, carbohydrate) count.

The biggest factor in our failure was not the success or failure of a particular diet so much as the amount of commitment that a person would give to a particular diet. In other words, if you committed to a strict calorie counting diet, but then were snacking on chocolate in the afternoon, then you would not succeed.

Since there are few effective options for a weight loss diet pill, a diet that restricts calories CAN work. But the road to weight loss is littered with the remnants of good diets, dieters and healthy food. Why?

Simply, unless a diet makes a permanent alteration to your modus vivendi, your way of life, as soon as you finish the diet, your weight will come back. The original habits that caused the weight gain have not been changed, only put on hold.

To have effective weight loss that is permanent, change your life, then change your food… The weight will fall off.