Dial-A-Flight.com: Good deals for off-season fares to Asia!

By | October 10, 2007

Dial-A-Flight is a website that offers good deals on travel, hotels, and more… I found them when, to my surprise, they became one of my blog sponsors at another location.


So I decided to check out the website, and now I’m drooling at some of the off-season prices. Naturally, my interest is in Asia. I checked out flights to Taipei between now and Oct. 28th, and I found: “…from HEATHROW to TAIPEI is from £435 + £141 tax…” That’s a good fare, really, especially since flights “…to Hong Kong is from £259 + £153 tax…” And there’s an extra flight involved.

So now I’ve got to tempt some friends to come over. Shouldn’t be difficult: the pound is good value vs. the local currency and the weather is just great…!

Just make sure you don’t travel British Airways.