Dentists implant teeth not wisdom!

By | October 27, 2009

I was complaining earlier about spending a lot of money last year, but Christine had quite a lot of dental work done to fix her teeth up including what I came to know as several implants which I researched through a site called implant dentist Plano.

It seems that implants are made of two parts: the actual core or implant which is implanted into your jaw, and allowed to grow into the jawbone, and the tooth which is attached to the new root after about 2-3 months. I think I must have had this done myself many years ago, because of losing my tooth in an accident or two!

My own experience has been quite positive, and so was Christine’s. The implants seem to stay in place, and neither of us have broken one through wear and tear. Yet. It’s funny that it took NT$120000 for me to realize what I had had done years ago!

Our local dentist is quite keen to see me! Of course, I’m reluctant to go, for a variety of reasons, but I think he will blame me for not going sooner! Woops!

Quick word to dentist: We’re human! Don’t blame us too much for our stupidity!