Update: 16th April, 2005. Just bought 50 shares at about 11.00 per share. I’m planning to add another 50 in about 2-4 weeks. We’ll see how the stock is doing. With rising interest rates, I wonder if stocks will start to rally.

AMTD has been one of the stocks that I have been looking at acquiring for a number of reasons… It seems attractively priced, I have been one of their customers for quite a few years, and have always found their service to be reasonable, though technical support is a bit over the place.

Anyway, I began to wonder about it’s valuation: it’s a highly profitable company with generous profit margins, and growing revenue. I took a look at the recent income statements, and it seems to be growing quickly… Dunno?

It is now offering a variety of products aimed at different kinds of investors from professional traders to people investing for the long haul. It also used to offer Freetrade (which was no good for me as I live abroad) to clients but recently dropped that in favor of iZone (I think) which is $5 trades… Quite a good deal, actually. That of necessity pissed off a few Freetraders but it might be better for Ameritrade to let them go and create a better, albeit pricier service, for those who want to stay.

Can this stock double or triple? I think it has the potential as it is increasing the number of accounts every month…

Long-term prognosis? more later…