Dealing with Viruses on your PC

By | April 29, 2006

What do the following names have in common with the computer?


Well, if you guessed correctly well done if not you’re really lucky because you haven’t been struck by one of these computer viruses… So, in today’s talk I would like to share with you some ways that you can keep viruses away without spending any money.

1. If in doubt, don’t
Attachments come in various forms: *doc is the most common, but also you have *.jpg for pictures. These are some of the most common. However, some attachments have *.exe endings or *.com or *.bat or one of a small but dangerous list Why because instead of being merely documents, they are in fact programs that can be run on your pc. So before you open an attachment of any kind. Check what it is.

2. free virus check software
offers a program named AVG that can be downloaded for free. Updates are also free. both offer registration based antiviurs kits that can help. This requires a connection while the test is run, but if you are using cable modem or adsl, then you won’t worry aboutthat.

Under dialup this could be more expenisve because of the cost of the connection and telephone costs.

3. Use your software.
a. get to know your software and how it operate. This will save you a lot of trouble.
b. keep definition uptodate

4. use web based mail
1. virus checkers
these features are either automatic or rquestable

2. preview features

5. don’t trust attachments

6. configure your email program not to preview.
In outlook express this can be done by clicking on the tools… etc menu, and then checking off. If you are in any doubt abot how to do this, get someone to show you.