Could insurance be on your Shopping List? In Tesco, it is!

By | January 29, 2010

Weekend Shopping List:

  • Box of tea
  • 2 cans of Guinness
  • Four Dutch Tomatoes
  • Box of Cereal
  • Large Carton of Yogurt
  • Bottle of Sparkling Water
  • Package of Dumpling Buns
  • life insurance quotes
  • A few other odds, and ends.

It sounds odd for a shopping list to include life insurance quotes, but in reality, in some countries you can do much more at the supermarket than buy the week’s groceries. In the UK, for example, you can go shopping at Tesco, and set up your banking, mobile phone, home/car/etc. insurance, as well as your Christmas club, your glasses, and much more in the way of services.

tesco images

The deregulation that swept through the Britain in the 80’s and 90’s has meant that some of the larger stores are more like lifestyle stores covering most things you will need in your daily life. I have never seen any supermarket anywhere else attempt to provide the range of products. Even Walmart in the US doesn’t sell these products in the store (correct me if I’m wrong!) like Tesco does.