Could CityMove Work In Taipei?

By | April 17, 2010

Many friends live in New York city, and I have never ever been there. I do like the idea that I came across recently: the CityMove site that claims it is the "New York moving company".

Like most people living in a big city, it’s sometimes difficult to find reliable people to help you move house when you need to.

First of all, you’ve got to consider the reliability issues: Will they show up when they’re supposed to? Will they bring the right equipment? Will they bring a real truck or a cattle truck?

One of the reasons I like CityMove is that I can read past reviews and get an idea of the company’s reputation… while reviews aren’t always totally accurate, a rash of bad reviews may simply signal caution, while a spate of good reviews may suggest over-enthusiasm. A lot of reviews with a decent grade may suggest general customer satisfaction.

Second, the cost of the operation is a huge factor. If you’re moving a large stash of antique china, you won’t want the cheapest option because you know that you will just have to get out the brush and pan after they’ve left. You’ll also be filling the holes in your china cabinet with plastic toys!

On the other hand, if you are moving a couple of dressers, a few odds and ends, a couple of suitcases, you won’t be needing a fleet of trucks, and a $5000 bill at the end noted ‘prompt payment’.

Knowing what you will pay upfront, and planning a budget will help keep the costs to a minimum at an otherwise stressful time!

However, the only problem is that you actually have to vet and accept/reject applications and there is the risk you may not find someone with your time, budget and locale constraints. So I wouldn’t want to be using this site AT THE LAST MINUTE, esp. if you’re doing a ‘runner’!

Could something like that work in Taipei? It surely could! Foreigners here would LOVE the service… because it helps remove some of the stress of finding someone to help you move that Yeliou Rock Collection you’ve got in the ‘spare’ bedroom!