Comments on Business Week! First one on the Tech column

By | July 4, 2006
Nickname: investorblogger

I do think it’s quite funny how the dinosaur of software was portraying
non-upgraders of Microsoft Office as dinosaurs. I guess it takes one to
know one.
Truly, Microsoft is the dinosaur here. I do think companies and large
organisations will find ways to these web-based programs to their
advantage. I also think that they may offer a lot of cost efficencies
on support and rolling out suitable platforms. Naturally, the
increasing licensing requirements and activation of Microsoft products
is no doubt creating something of a headache. I do think that web
software like this will go a long way to solving these kinds of

Date reviewed: Jul 2, 2006 2:40 PM

BTW, I still use Win98SE at work, and Office 97, too. At home, I use Openoffice.  Hah!