Coffee Beans from Costco

By | December 15, 2009

Where do you get your coffee beans from? I’ve been buying them from Costco of all places. I was surprised by the range of beans available (though not all are good beans) and the prices. Typically, we can buy a decent sized bag of beans there for about the same price as Starbucks. While I’m not so sure the quality is the same, I’m finding that the beans are pretty decent in terms of roasting, size, and packing quality.

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But we recently tried the Starbucks-roasted and Costco sold “Winter Blend” … I guess it’s their equivalent of the Christmas blend on sale at Starbucks. It was pretty pricey by Costco standards: over $700 for the bag. But the quality of the beans was just not that good: mis-shapen, broken, lots of coffee dust, different-sized beans, and (perhaps) a little over-roasted.

Although the price was less than Starbucks blend, the quality was not even Costco quality. I’m still not confident enough to buy the other Starbucks blends on sale at Costco. I have a feeling that the quality isn’t 100% the same as their regular stores.