Cheesecake from PingTung: not just possible, but fantastic!

By | July 19, 2009

Tim just came back from the south of Taiwan, where it’s really hot and sunny. But the silly man decided to buy cheesecake from a bakery in PingTung called "??????" and the cheesecake is a little bite of heaven.

To get it from PingTung to Tamsui was something of an effort: he packed it in ice in an icebox in the car, and it arrived having survived the long journey in very good condition. I’ve included a screen shot from their library of images in the hop you’ll go and check it out yourself.

cheesecake from pingdung

It’s the self same one that he bought, "Blueberry Cheesecake".  Check out the store, buy a cake or five. Remember to bring me one, one day I will be able to visit the store. One day.