Carpentry is King – or Queen!

By | November 18, 2008

My wife’s an industrious soul. Last year, out of the blue, Christine decided to take a basic course in carpentry that lasted nearly four months. During that time, she learned how to measure, screw, drill, paint, polish and make some great furniture! She even made this chair, which is a delightful chair, and well-made. I don’t think she’s planning on varnishing it… yet!

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But we had to go to a local store to buy power tools for her: a circular saw, a power drill, an electric screw driver, perhaps some air tools, I can’t remember what she needed. Each Saturday, she’d trot off to the class with several big bags. Three hours later she’d come back exhausted, hot and hungry! But she’d always have something new that she’d made. It’s a pity she didn’t continue. But with the class being a whole day, she was reluctant to spend a whole day making furniture! More’s the pity! She’d have had a great time.