Cable TV vs. MOD 0:2

By | October 11, 2011

We’ve been getting to watch the Shark Tank on BBC Entertainment Channel! In fact, the whole of the BBC seems to be available on MOD these days! We’ve got BBC World News, Knowledge, Entertainment and Science all of which are just great!

I love the fact that I can get to see some really good shows on TV now, so we’ve done the brave thing: we’ve decided to drop cable TV for a while and see if we can’t live without it.

The local cable tv company is really poor at delivering desirable services: bad quality on many channels, no Stereo channels except on a couple, there are only about half a dozen channels I regularly watch on Cable and their DigiTV box is just a joke.

My friend even signed up for their internet service, and pretty soon moved onto MOD/FTTB for better quality. In Taiwan, I think the cable TV companies are now coming under pressure for subscribers… but it will 3-4 years before they really start to hurt. Unless they get their act together.

With MOD, we get music, tv, internet, and MOD all in decent quality, with good bandwidth and all for a fee that we think is worth it. On Cable, the signal is crap, there is no HD (gotta to pay for like five channels), the broadband is flaky, and there are frequent service outages in the daytime/nighttime… OMG.