Buzz: Ever considered Acupuncuture? Try for a start

By | June 19, 2009

Quite a few years ago, I was suffering a physical problem and conventional treatment was working fairly well. However, I happened to mention to a freind of mine that I was seeing a Western Doctor. She suggested one in Taipei, so I hopped on down.

It was a worthwhile experience especially since he was an elderly (and very competent) physician from Shan Dong Province in China. He came to Taiwan at the end of 40’s and started his own clinic. Unfortunately, his accent was quite strong, but I found his treatment quite effective. Unfortunately, the Western doctor didn’t approve particularly about acupuncture, doubted its efficacy and methodology and recommended I only see a Western Doctor.

What is Acupuncture?

It’s a technique whereby practitioners will insert and even tweak needles in particular loci or places in your body to relieve pain or for other purposes. While modern Western medicine doesn’t recognise acupuncture particularly, Chinese medicine still believes that these points influence the flow of energy or ‘chi’ through the body, and can help to get the body healing itself by restoring the proper balance of ‘chi’ or, loosely translated, ‘hot’ and ‘cold’. In some Asian countries, it is used to heal patients faster after operations or debilitating strokes.

It seems also to be useful in treating a number of modern complaints, including stress and work injuries. So I personally regard the treatments as complementary: while one sought the actual treatment of the condition, the other sought harmony in the body. All very new age stuff. Of course, I am not a doctor!

San Diego Acupuncture

Anyway, if you are looking for good treatment in the San Diego Area, you could try one practitioner at UpTownAcupuncture for Acupuncture San Diego. He’s got a new website that introduces his services…

uptown acupuncture

The practitioner is Kirk Pfeiffer L.Ac. who specialises in providing management of stress, massage, auto & work injuries, and even facial rejuvenation! So if you’re looking for Physical Therapy San Diego, or even just some local holistic San Diego treatment in place of more ‘orthodox’ stress treatments, he might be the guy for you.

How’s the site?

Do take a look at the site. It’s a simply arranged site, with a focus on getting the information you need to make use of his services. There’s a site feed and obviously the site is hosted on WordPress. The color palette is quite suitable for a cclinic: easy on the eyes, and well layed out.

Though the site doesn’t make much use of graphics or images, which I think would really draw in visitors with a little human warmth! If you need some stock images of patients or physicians (if you can’t use yourself), why not try out IStockPhoto which will provide inexpensively images that you could use on your site.

One thing you’ll notice about the site, though: it’s run by WordPress, it’s set up as a full website. You cannot see the word ‘blog’ anywhere. Proof enough, that WordPress is beginning to come of age as more than just a blogging system.