Buying Stocks for the new year!

By | March 13, 2006

I’d be very disinclined to buy Dell now. I’ve seen it ride up and down between 30 and 45 two or three times. I don’t see much opportunity for growth there, unfortunately in the short term.

We’ve had nother discussion on this choice of stocks (here) (Mod? Can we combine these two threads?)

top tips for this year. I’m thinking about communications stocks, esp. the new AT&T and VZ. They have somewhat attractive EPS, and overall income and profit growth. They’ve been beaten up for a while. Can they stay down forever? I don’t think so. I like these stocks because
a. they’re in DJIA
b. they pay 5% dividends. Quite generous.
c. they’re out of favor right now.

I’ve also looked at DISney and Time Warner. Both of these are looking interesting. Time warner seems to be digesting and expurgating the stupid AOL acquisition, while DISney has changed leaders, mended fences and is now moving.

Anyone? Any comments?

These are pretty big fish, but for smaller mid-caps, any suggestions?

Just my 2c, etc. etc.