Blogger Boards: Practical and Personal and Past their due date

By | November 21, 2006

I joined the forums for “a certain blogging company” and have really enjoyed the sense of community that has developed in the writers, esp. those who frequent the boards on more than one occasion.

I really enjoyed the “Favorite Opps” forums, and I have found the forum for Q&A quite helpful as other people have managed to overcome the problems that I have faced on and off.

The Featured Blogger Den is also a good forum because it provides us with examples to help motivate us to do a better blog! Better blogs for us mean more business which means more money for us, more opportunities… and so the circle goes on…!

In the general discussion forum, I am enjoying one of the current opps a great deal, “Adrenalin rush of grabbing opps”. I wish I didn’t spend quite so much time reading that forum!

So, if you’re a blogger, join the forums, even if you aren’t a member. YOu will still learn a great deal about blogging, and let’s face it: we all need encouragement from time to time!


Update. Since the changes in the company, the moving of the boards, much of the sense of community has now gone. Bloggers have left, all throughout the company. It’s no surprise that when a company starts kicking out bloggers, everyone gets the message.  Though I maintain a presence there, I no longer post, and merely log in to view the private boards. IMHO, the community is now severely crippled, on oxygen, without indeterminate life-span.