I’m trying a new webservice, Bingr.com, that allows Bloggers to create redirecting links, then keep the stats for people who visit these links. Here’s a sample. In addition, the website allows you to track the stats upto 30 days. It’s a free service. I’m tracking one or two links at the moment through this service, to see how useful it is, in reality.

Your visitors do eventually leave your website in a number of ways, by clicking on ads, by clicking on your blogroll, and even the links through your postings that take them to other sites. You could track which of your links are more important as exits with this tool, and then see how different placements on your blogroll affect the exit trafficking. Alternately, you could take them to an exit ad before shoving them onto their destination. By doing so, you might gain additional revenue, and track which exits are more popular.

At the moment, it seems to be a free service, too. But the limitation on links expiry is only 30 days. I can’t see how that would make sense for most bloggers as traffic significance only increases over longer stretches of time. For most of us, 30 days of stats is not particularly significant. I guess that Bingr may be introducing a paid service at some point, too.