Beauty isn’t on TV… or is it?

By | January 18, 2011

Every time I turn on the TV, I always see lots of commercials for all sorts of beauty products, such as cleansers, foundations, acne products, creams, potions… it’s amazing what cosmetic companies try to plug…

But the more amazing thing is the disingenuous advertising claims that the manufacturers try to demonstrate: showing models using these products to get rid of aging wrinkles or spots that they never had in the first place. Or plugging skin products to make their youthful skin look better even though those products are aimed at people whose skin will never look like that … again.

It’s advertising by association. If you use our product, then you too will look like this, even though our model never used it. Do they really believe that their audience believe this? Apparently so.

But remember this: if it isn’t a drug, then it can’t claim medicational value. Ergo, what value does it really have to your face? And when these products cost so much money, wouldn’t it be cheaper to see a ‘real’ doctor and more effective? Or are these products just ‘leaching’ our money!? It makes you think