Battening Down the Hatches on Skype

By | May 29, 2009

The past couple of months I’ve been bothered by people looking me up on Skype and wanting to chat, even though they have NO idea who I am. It’s always late at night, the conversations are usually totally inane, and follow this pattern…

The conversation goes like this:

Are you there? With a cute smilie (yuck!)

I ask: Who are you?

It’s always: “Little Something…”

And then: “What can I call you?”

After this: I block the user for annoying me.

Given that this ‘caller’ uses the handle ‘MayDay’ in Chinese and a name that reads ‘zhou1980108’ (likely his/her birthday – a common practice here). I was forced to wonder why s/he claims that their birthday is August 9th, 1985. So what else is false? Name? Age? Gender? Probably the only thing that might be true is that this caller is from Taiwan.

The rule is quite simple for me: If you don’t know my name, then use the contact form. I will reply via email. I simply block every chat that doesn’t have a fully disclosed profile. I guess I should just use a private profile.