Bathrooms are dangerous: Make yours safer and luxurious

By | August 26, 2009

Our bathroom is getting grotty. It’s been years since we moved in, and we’ve refurbished other rooms in the apartment (the living room about four years ago, the study this year…) but we’ve never done the bathroom.

So now the bathroom needs cleaning from the mould, the wall tiles are falling off because of the poor quality grout and the expanding/contracting concrete in the temperature variations. The lights are poor, and the bathroom is itself much smaller than we’d otherwise like.

Now, how about installing walk in tubs? You’d have thought they were for those who needed them because of increasing years… but I tell you, having slipped and fallen in the bathroom on more than one occasion (I had to have an X-Ray done), anything that makes the bathroom a little less dangerous AND a little more luxurious can’t be bad, even if you’re younger!

That’s the weird thing about inventions for less-able bodied users, they usually benefit us regular folk as well. Which makes you wonder, does anyone really test the ergonomics of everyday appliances for users?