Autosurfing: pleasant and profitable…

By | September 16, 2005

Since I got sick in May, I’ve spent a few months investigating, and investing in the Auto-surf business. I was quite surprised when I checked through my billing to discover that I have almost earned the whole amount that I had invested. Not bad going, for something that isn’t really a business, or is it?

I joined the StudioTraffic Program first and that has been quite successful. It really is a great program. It seems well managed overall, but I think the writers of the website need a little help with their English at times!

I tried the 4daily program, but that has been less than successful, as I haven’t earned anything back from that yet. I am hoping that things turn around as the program is quite attractive and can be rewarding but right now things are just getting back on their feet after three months of problems. I’m waiting and seeing. I do recommend some caution here, but a small amount may be fine!

I also joined the 12daily program, and that has been fine, but it took a while for the payment to come in. It was 100% as promised and the program seemed to run fine, but logging in at 12pm Taiwan time was not recommended. Try after 1pm.

However, I did note that if you are interested in joining any of these programs, you need to arrange several ways to get your money in and out. The first that has been quite good is Stormpay. You can use this to upgrade and buy units at all three programs, as well as receive your earnings. StudioTraffic allows you to upgrade through Stormpay but payments must be received through Studiopay from now on.

How have I done? Well, overall… see tomorrows posting!