auto updates drive me crazy

By | February 27, 2011

You’ve experienced it: turn on your pc and boom update city.

AV updates,

System updates,

browser updates,

Flash updates,

plugin updates,

software updates,…

And you only wanted to write a quick email or blog post about top 10 diet pills.  Really. Engineering people, come on! We don’t turn on our PCs because we want to update them, we want to use them!

I also hate programs that insist on asking you to install them WHILE you are working on something. Or WORSE! They restart the system while you are in the middle of an unsaved session.

So find another way to update the system, but don’t make us wait five minutes while the system updates everything, UACs everything, THEN insists on rebooting twice to finish the updates. And, Apple! You also are guilty of this!

And then the system crashes: XP has crashed on me five times each time I try to view Youtube! Wonder what’s going on, really, I do. Did I post? Finally.