Are you becoming your own doctor?

By | June 21, 2008

We were visiting our mother-in-law this afternoon. Father-in-law recently had a stroke (albeit minor) and is recovering nicely. I was surprised how interested both of them are in living a healthier life now that they are both in their early 60’s.

When I was a kid a few short decades ago, most homes confined their medical diagnostics to a mercury thermometer and a hand on your pulse. Perhaps there was a set of scales in the bathroom, too! Now it’s possible to get any number of devices for measuring your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, blood sugar level, and breathing measuring tools for asthmatics.

Are we all becoming our own doctors? We certainly are moving to a life where much of our biometric information can be monitored continuously. Who knows? Perhaps that will help reduce the life style diseases that afflict 21st century populations with large waists and bad diets!

We’ve got a digital thermometer, and we are about to buy a bp gauge. What else can improve our lifestyle? I’ll tell you tomorrow!

Stay healthy!