Another chinese new year is here, and I don't know what I amm going to do.  I can't think of  the next few days, perhaps they will be boring, perhaps not. I don't know what to expect.  It seems that I am constantly reminded of how quickly time goes by the
se days.  It seems that my twenties lasted for ages, but now my thirties are just flying by.  What am I to do?

Acupuncutre has been an interesting form of treatment.  It does seem effiacios, I think, but the jury is still out on the long term benefits of this course of treatment.  I don't know what is happening on that front.

I am still waiting for a reply to my letter sent over 17 days ago.  I don't know when they will actually receive the application, but it seems to be taking its time!  Perhaps that's good, perhaps that will give me  little time to get my things in order and let me continue thinking about the proess of writing a paper.  I would like to buy that book on research wrting.  It looks like it could be very relevant to the kind of paper I am doing now.  

It's funny how this question of research really keeps coming back to me, it's good, because I think that the Masters degree will really help to give me the background in skills to do the research.  I still wonder if I can orient my research to the use of computers, I feel there is a lot of space for this kind of research in TESOL.  THough many people are already in the field, it is still wide open in terms of what can be done.  

So there's opportunity I feel for me.  I wish I had more time and facilities to do the research that i would like to do.  It is funny to have arrived at a place in my life, where I can say this kind of thing.  But I face so many distractions to my work, most of all, myself.  I need to cut back some of my distractions so that I can begin to focus on the things that need to be done.
So let's make a list of the distractions that I face.
Jin da
private student
too many hours at CCU
EVP at Toastmasters
ediing those books
getting up late
Class at Nationl taipei University
teaching class at our school.
and yet these distractions can be a very good force, too if they don't get out of hand!