There are many scams online … some scams that promise to make you wiser, richer or more beautiful. Whatever products you are searching for, you are sure to come across scams. And the worst thing is, you can’t ever get your hands on a product until you part with some cold hard cash. Usually. So to protect yourself from scams that promise you the world, you need to do three things.

1. Before buying, check the refund policy – is there one? If so, what are the requirements? Time limits? Terms of refunds?
2. Search online for other users’ reports – do bear in mind that many products have their own detractors, even from well known companies.
3. Check the website/company of the seller through the Better Business Bureau for its reputation to see what knd of reputation it has.

So the next time you are looking for an acne cure like Zyporex, you will be better informed about it.