AceFTP+VMNToolbar: it crashes my win98SE pc

By | March 13, 2006

I can’t advise that people use aceftp right now.

When you install the software, there’s a toolbar that also installs from Visicomp Media called something like vm*toolbar.

It has repeatedly crashed my win98 pc, as I installed the program three times, I didn’t know that it was this piece of software causing the problem.

It seems to disable any access to the windows file explorer program or any program that needs that function.

I cured it by copying the partition to a new drive. Deleteing the original partition, examining the new partition for the offending spyware, and deleting it and ACEFTP. Then I copied the partition back to the place it was in. Voila! It worked again.

If you are are looking at ACEFTP or (Perhaps any Visicomp Media software, free or paid for), give this issue a second look. It may expose your computer to some vulnerabilities.

Take a look here.