A Wii or a new PC? Which would you buy?

By | February 24, 2010

I’m looking to buy a new PC this year. The one I’m typing this post on is already 7 years old! I couldn’t believe it, but in fact, it was purchased as a second hand system in 2003. It was already quite old at that point, but in my office, the sulphur fumes from the hotsprings literally ate their way through the old circuitry.

So I had a new motherboard, memory, videocard installed and that was 7 years old. Along the way, the motherboard has been changed, the video card died, but the CPU kept chugging along. I’ve also upped the memory to nearly 756MB of Ram.

But still the system just gets slower and slower as the new PCs get higher specs. I fear that I may have to retire this system at some point. Even running Firefox 3.6 consumes a lot of resources, though it is my favorite browser. Other stuff starts to run slow as well, …

but the PC I would like to buy will support two monitors, have 2GB or 4GB of Ram, enough CPU power to run virtual PCs as this one used to be able to, and have pretty Windows 7 graphics.

But Christine wants to buy a wii with the wii fit accessories pack, and wii resort! Of course, I think she would enjoy that very much, though I doubt if it will actually help her lose weight! Neither of us are very sporty people… but it would be fun to buy a new computer game system.

In fact, I’ve never owned one (other than a PC), and neither has she. The prices are very similar overall, nowadays.