Teacher’s Toys

By | May 3, 2005

As teachers, we travel from country to country, we build up our book collection, our material collection and our experience. All of these are portable. They can be used with modifications in different countries. How annoying it is that when we build up a collection of DVDs (legally), that we use as source material for our students, we can’t use them in different countries, too.

I have found some toys that you might like to try to help ease these difficulties.

Remote Selector can be downloaded and run before you play the DVD you want. I’ve installed it in XP and 98SE and run it with both WinDVD and PowerDVD. I tested it with Region 1 and Region 3 DVDs and it seems to work just fine.

Highly recommended.

Other solutions are available: DVDgenie and DVDIdle.