Funny thing happened last weekend. Or rather last last weekend! I don’t drive Ed very often… in fact once or twice a week is normal. Last week I didn’t drive more than once. So when I forgot to turn off the lights inside, the surpise was rather obvious: tada, flat battery! Fortunately, a nice young man came from the local garage and had me restarted in just a few minutes. I doubt you’d get such fast service anywhere else!mazda3.jpg

But it was coincidental because Ed needs a couple of things done: the gears need tuning, the bodywork needs retouched, and the radio battery needs replacement! It’s always intriguing when I go to the workshop to see Ed hoisted up one of those mechanical car lifts and I can get a good look at the machinery that makes him tick. I’m not an engineer or scientist by training, so machines hold a kind of magical awe for me. I’m always impressed how one of the engineers can make something look so simple to fix! I always wonder why I couldn’t do it myself. But when you live in an apartment, there is little luxury for space!