aritcle for the summer of 2002. June… Summer is here. It’s a good time to brush up on your exercise program… avoid too much sun – sun-cancer, dark skin, aging skin, In many countries of the world, the incidence of skin cancer is increasing dramatically.

Our increasingly outdoors life-style is thought to be the cause of this. So there are three useful tips that you can bear in mind when you are outdoors. first, use a good sunscreen.

A good sunscreen prevents the effects of the ultraviolet rays burning your skin. second, wear a hat. Since our head is the most exposed part of our body, it is prey to most of the direct sunlight. Wearing a hat can prevent most of this damage. third, although it is hot, long, loose clothing can prevent damage to your arms and legs.

Though you might look a little odd at the beach, knowing you are reducind your risk of cancer will help salvage your lack of confidence. All in all, skin cancer can be successfully avoided by taking these trhee steps. you too can avoid this kind of risk, so why don’t you? vacations Vacation time is here, now.

2 months without school presents a great opportunity for students to relax and have fun. however summer can also be a very productive time for students: through jobs, travel and intern work. exams- university entrance exams time… coping with exams at this time can be very frustrating while it’s hot outside.

However, there are some way sthat can help you to handle the stress of exams. First, a good amount of sleep before major exams can help you to think clearly when you are writing your papers. Second, Thirdly, and most imporantly of all,