By | October 27, 2023

My diary…. sitting in a nice restaurant here near home.  I have filled up on carbohydrates, and milk tea.  I am thinking over my article, and wonderiing what I need to add to it.  I think the article still needs some work on the organisation primarily.
 I need to work on some of the language, too.  I don’t really know where it’s weak, but I sense some of the writing is very soggy and repetitive.  I need a crisper style of prose.  So I guess the best remedy is just to cut down on the verbage, eliminate the redundancy which permeates the article before I send it off to be published.  I also need to check the call for papers notes, so that I don’t fall victim.  Ideal length still needs to be worked out, too.  I don’t like some of the ideas that it contains, either they seem a little vague in terms of thewriting so I have to spruce up the ideas a great deal in the variations section of the paper.  Finally that conclusion needs to be written before I can call my paper finished.

I’m still working on that paper, I really need to get it finishd this week, I just need to sit down and work on several aspects of the paper: the description of the basic method, the conclusion, and introduction, and finally the references, I just need a litle time to get if finished.  But what do i do?  Do I try to get it published this summer and then start to work onthe second article about listening and video in the hope that it will be published soon, too, or do I focus my energy on the paper for the Jalt conference.  I also wonder what I should aim for in respect of other papers that I could published this year.  I wouldn’t mind working on the Guo Ke Hui application next year and using my Masters’ thesis as the basis for that paper.  That would save me a lot of time if I could kill three birds with one stone.  Thesis, Guo Ke Hue, and Hwakang Journal.  That would be very economical!  Then I could prepare the report, and publish a long article somewhere.   Finally, I could extend the research even further so that I could get my promotion with it!  That would be cool!  By that time, I will be in a position to consider my Ph. D. program at TKU.

Wonder if I can fulfil this mission, it seems quite ambitious and it’s goin to be a long time before anything can really be done about it!