Here was my Ideal plan as of February 14th, 2004.

a. To split stocks into five or six at most (incl. dia?)
$3000 or so in stocks with good results or short term potential
$8000 or so in stocks with high income potential. Divide by 4 stocks – on a basis of performance with the following criteria:
a. 10-20% Yield
b. regular dividend (monthly?)
c. Chosen from a variety of industries:
income stock, mortgage, insurance, energy, and one other from list of pre-selected stocks.

Why? I’m hoping for the Drip-drip effect: I want to start investing more $ in stocks and take a more proactive approach. This was my investing approach for 2004/5.

For more High-Yielding Stocks, click on the link here! But beware, you need to check them with Yahoo! Finance and click on the History tab, then on Dividends for a certain period.

Happy hunting.