Are Cyclists insane?

By | November 4, 2023

Why do cyclists on the main roads (or any roads) ignore red lights? Last night, I saw several groups of cyclists run 2 red lights on Route 2. It’s insane.

Photo by Lawrence Chismorie on Unsplash

Cyclists are easily the most cavalier on the road of all drivers, weaving in traffic, riding on sidewalks, not giving way to pedestrians, breaking road rules like cycling counterflow…

In Zhuwei, I’ve seen it all! Even one guy running a red light at a major intersection with traffic flowing around him. I’ve no idea how he managed to live as long as his obvious years showed riding like that.

Do riders think that they have some cloak of invincibility when they ride bikes with names like GIANT or MERIDA? Or are they just unable to discern the color of traffic lights? Or do they think that traffic lights don’t apply to them because they’re cyclists?