104.2kg and gaining

By | March 14, 2019

It’s been a tough ride the last three months. Winter closes in, the body tells you to eat because it’s cold. And so you indulge a little. The rain starts, and the wind howls. It’s suddenly too cold/wet/windy to go out and exercise properly.

Slowly the restraints you build up against eating get worn away. And the weight takes on a crash course. 101.8kg. 102.5kg. 103.2kg! then today 104.2kg. Shock!

I’m frustrated. Previous attempts to lose and maintain weight loss have only been partially successful. I think that there is a little something missing in my personal recipe for successful, permanent weight loss.

So I’m now resolving to treat this extra weight gain as a disease. That I know I’ll never be free of, but one day I hope that my obesity will be in remission.

Something that needs careful monitoring every day like this. I need to treat it that seriously or else I will continue to fail. So I’m hoping that being accountable online even though this is not known to many friends will help to drive. I love writing. Perhaps it will help me to write more, and to lose more weight.

I resolve to weigh myself every morning after my first cup of coffee. Every day. EVERY DAY. Knowledge brings power, but burying your head in the sand only brings kilograms!

Today is March 13th, 2019. I’m a 104.2kg. My goal is to lose 20kgs, improve my physical condition, and feel better about myself. Permanently. What will be my reward? A longer, healthier life with a body that can postpone the ravages of old age and better middle life! What more would I need?