【On the Agenda】Dragon Boat Festival

Traffic jams will certainly emerge on freeways and highways between June 23 and 24 for the Dragon Boat Festival as people commute between their homes and their family all across Taiwan. Think of booking your train tickets early if you are planning to go away for the weekend.《full text》

今年的端午節馬上就到了,可以想見本月二十三、二十四 日兩天,高速公路上車多擁擠,大家南來北往探望家人。 如果打算這個週末出門,及早訂好車票為上策。《詳全文》

【On the Agenda】Dragon Boat Festival

To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, hotels and restaurants across Taiwan are presenting various sets of tasty zongzi, or rice dumpling in bamboo leaves in English. The delicacy is a must-try during the festival, so don’t forget to place your order soon!《full text》

端午節的應景佳餚是粽子,各大飯店、餐廳皆使出妙手 絕活,提供消費者多種口味選擇。端午節一定要吃粽 子,所以別忘了及時下訂單,祭祭五臟廟。《詳全文》

【Editor’s Note】Traditions, culture bloom in Taiwan

The more you learn about traditions and culture in the Republic of China, the more you will want to learn. The nation has a long history to draw upon, and countless traditions have been passed from generation to generation.《full text》

當你越了解中華民國的傳統及文化,你就越想了解更多。本國深厚的歷史與傳統代代相傳,有著說不完的故事。 《詳全文》

【Hot Topic】Fierce Dragon Boat races!

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, or row it at full speed in the Dragon Boat races that kick off on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar for the Dragon Boat Festival, if you wish. But, beware of the increasing number of foreigners that are joining in the competitions: they are playing both to win and to have fun.《full text》

划、划、划龍舟!每年農曆五月五日是端午節,在臺灣各地皆有划龍舟比賽, 近年來我們看見越來越多居住在臺灣的外籍人士參加龍舟訓練,他們的目標不只是奪牌,更把龍舟比賽當成一種享受。《詳全文》

【Cover Story】All religious beliefs meet in Taiwan
【封面故事】臺灣 ─ 宗教自由的國度

Over the last three decades, the Republic of China (R.O.C.) has embraced democracy while upholding religious pluralism and tolerance toward all beliefs, including Islam, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism.《full text》


【Taiwan Inside Out】Taiwan What’s up?
【看遍臺灣】Taiwan What’s up?

New regulations, pending legislation or changes to existing rules can have a significant impact on our daily lives. Let’s keep up to date and learn some tips and tricks for an easy lifestyle in Taiwan with Taiwan What’s up?《full text》

臺灣政府發布的新規定、正在立法階段的法條或是對既有規定的修改,可能對居住在臺灣的外籍人士有重大影響,本刊跟隨時事,替讀者蒐集最近有哪些值得注意的新聞,讓在臺外籍人士的生活更加便利。 《詳全文》