Online Security with "Pragma"-tic Solutions

By | July 27, 2008

If you’re like most people, I bet you don’t give much thought to security on your blog or website, do you? I didn’t, until I had my own blog hosted on a VPS style system that allowed me to login via SSH. In fact, at the time I had to go and look up SSH to figure out how to login via TELNET. That was something my regular hosting account allowed, but TELNET didn’t work on the VPS system! Added security I guess.


But you can bet your bottom dollar there are hackers out there, who are able, willing and keen to hack into insecurely protected systems to steal information, commit financial crimes or even to just mess with the system! That’s where you need secure FTP to allow you privileged access to your server, upload files and download information.


One company, Pragma Systems, created a range of software tools that are used by a large number of Fortune 500 companies to protect servers worldwide. In fact, it’s quite likely no matter where you live, you’ve had contact with at least one of their clients in the past 3 months. So it’s reassuring that these companies are striving to protect their data, and yours with quality technology. Given that we live in a “Windows” world (at least for the time being), this is doubly comforting as Windows is notorious for being ‘cracked’, ‘hacked’ or ‘jacked’ depending on the variety of hacking that’s being used.


This image highlights the windows client that access your resources, no matter what services that are being run: Windows, Linux, Solaris, or whatever! In fact, one of the touches that impressed me was the mobile client software that allows mobile or handheld clients to access the same resources. Not every handheld is supported, but most of the Windows CE, Mobile or Pocket PC seem to be supported.

This post was brought to you by Pragma Systems.