Not a fan of Google these days

By | January 28, 2013

Not really. Many SBI site owners have worked hard on their sites have had their sites rankings decimated by the repeated updates from Google: the Pandas & the Penguins and similar updates.

So I’ve decided to strike back against Google:

  1. 1. Use other search engines including Yahoo! and Bing, so I’ve switched on my computer and ipad.
  2. 2. Look for ways to avoid seeing Google Adsense ads on other sites. They’re getting really creepy now, almost stalking you now.
  3. 3. Removing my own Adsense ads from my site (I’ve really cut down those). I don’t want to pay Google to punish my websites! Seems silly.

I still use Google Chrome, it is the best browser of the moment, … but I really shouldn’t.

I don’t think Google really cares, though. And when there is no feeling, how can Google realize that the situation is reciprocated? Google is currently in denial about where it is, at least publicly. It’s king of the hill, but for how much longer?