Disclosure Information

This blog presents information, ideas, opinions that I believe are honest, truthful and accurate. In other words, I will try to write to the best of my ability, knowledge and experience as truthfully and accurately as possible. If you think I fail in either of these aspects, please contact me and show me what is inaccurate or not factual. You can contact me via the comments section, the contact me page.

Reading this website assumes that you have read this document, and have assented to the terms stated on this page. Should you not agree with this document, you are hereby requested to leave this page at once.


I enjoy blogging very much, and I would like to spend more time writing for this blog and for my other blogs. Naturally, this requires money: Money to pay for my hosting, computers, coffee, etc.. I will not be shy about this point. It would be nice to live in a free world, but every one knows in their heart SOMEONE somewhere always pays, even if you don’t. ‘Free’ doesn’t really exist; it’s just an illusion. In addition, I would like to raise some money for one or two of my projects that are designed to benefit others, but without cash would otherwise be impossible. As time goes by, you will see these projects featured in different pages of the blog.

The consequence of which is that I am compensated to provide opinions on products, services, websites and various other topics. You should assume that I have received some form of benefit (whether remunerative or not) from these placements. Typical remuneration might include payment, linking, free products, referrals, commission, advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions and/or other forms of compensation, etc.. If I have failed to receive any benefit from the placement, then I am sorry. I have failed. I will try harder next time. Despite this compensation for the posts or advertisements, I will always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products.


However, if I deem a particular product, advert or sponsorship to promote one or more of the following:

# Extensive duplicate or copied content, etc..
# Pornographic/Sexuality content or links to such content, etc..
# Spam or splogs, etc..
# Racist, Sexist, Agist, Nationalistic, Religiosity (including the Scientologists), etc. that are offensive to me or my readership…
# Copyright infringement, etc..
# Promoting Illegal activities: such as illegal drug use, illegal gun ownership, violence, etc..
# Sites containing popups/popunders, downloads, or that otherwise interfere with safe browsing, etc..

I will not ever promote these kinds of products. If any of my links to a website subsequently turns into one of these issues, please alert me to the problem, and I will deal with it. If you are an advertiser looking to promote something that falls into any of these categories, well… don’t.

Types of Compensation

This website has a number of revenue streams:

1. Google Ads, or similar, are (sometimes) served in the sidebar and in articles.
2. Advertising Keywords that feature products, services and websites.
3. Paid placements highlight products and services for advertisers (occasionally).
4. There are other ads in the sidebar and in the text for additional products. Please feel free to ignore these or check them out, as you wish.

Given the size of this blog, it may not be possible to go back and edit the older pages to bring them up to these standards. In fact, I may expire older postings at some point rather than update the content.

Where the money goes

On average, this blog generates approximately $30 per month (2014). The money generated from this advertising income provides a decent hosting service for Obblogatory Life of which 1/3 goes for hosting, 1/10 goes for additional services, an unspecified amount for coffee ($1-3 per cup), and a few other essential items.

It does not provide anything for the PCs I buy, the electricity I use, or the gadgets I need to maintain an active blog. But then neither does Google pay a cent for this blog though they do provide some very useful tools such as Analytics, Search, Email, Documents, etc… I like to maintain and run this blog, so I do not earn any actual after costs salary.


If you see a problem, please contact me. I will correct the problem, if I can. This post has been revised as of October 30th, 2009 . Doubtless will be revised again, and again, and again.